Gree Inverter AC Price in Pakistan

The price of Gree Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan varies depending on capacity, model, features, and energy efficiency ratings. Here is a general price range for Gree Inverter ACs in Pakistan:

  1. Gree Inverter AC 1 Ton: PKR 101,000 – PKR 120,000
  2. Gree Inverter AC 1.5 Ton: PKR 140,000 – PKR 160,000
  3. Gree Inverter AC 2 Ton: PKR 185,000 – PKR 195,000

It’s important to note that these prices are approximate and may vary due U.S Dollar Fluctuations.

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Gree Inverter Air Conditioner

Are you looking for an air conditioner that not only cools your space efficiently but also saves energy? Look no further than Gree Inverter Air Conditioners, which offer superior cooling performance, energy efficiency, and a range of advanced features to enhance indoor comfort. Get ready to experience coolness like never before!

Benefits of Gree Inverter Air Conditioners

Energy Efficiency

One of the key advantages of Gree Inverter Air Conditioners is their exceptional energy efficiency. These units minimize energy wastage by constantly adjusting the compressor’s speed, lowering electricity bills. With rising energy costs and increasing environmental concerns, a Gree Inverter Air Conditioner is a smart choice.

Cooling Performance

Gree Inverter Air Conditioners are known for their powerful and efficient cooling performance. The variable-speed compressor allows for rapid cooling and precise temperature control, ensuring your space remains relaxed and comfortable even during scorching summer days. Say goodbye to sweaty and restless nights!

Quiet Operation

No one likes a noisy air conditioner that disrupts their peace. Gree Inverter Air Conditioners operate quietly, providing a serene environment for work, relaxation, or sleep. Enjoy the coolness without any unnecessary noise disturbances.

Environmentally Friendly

Gree Inverter Air Conditioners are designed with the environment in mind. Their energy-efficient operation reduces carbon emissions, making them more eco-friendly than Non-Inverter air conditioners. By choosing Gree, you contribute to a greener future.

Smart Control Options

Gree Inverter Air Conditioners offer various innovative control options to suit your preferences. With mobile apps and voice assistants, you can effortlessly control your air conditioner, adjust settings, and create personalized cooling schedules. It’s like having your climate control assistant at your fingertips.

Gree Inverter Air Conditioners vs. Non-Inverter Air Conditioners

When comparing Gree Inverter Air Conditioners to Non-Inverter air conditioners, the advantages become evident. Gree Inverter Air Conditioners offer superior energy efficiency, precise temperature control, quiet operation, and a wide array of smart features. While Non-Inverter air conditioners have their merits, Gree Inverter Air Conditioners take cooling comfort to the next level.

Gree 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner

A Gree 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner is a cooling system that utilizes inverter technology to regulate its compressor’s speed. This innovative technology enables the air conditioner to adjust its cooling output according to the room’s requirements, resulting in energy-efficient operation and precise temperature control. With a capacity of 1 ton, Gree 12 Fith is suitable for smaller to medium-sized spaces.

Gree 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner

The Gree 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner boasts cutting-edge cooling technology, enabling it to cool large spaces effectively. With its powerful compressor and intelligent airflow design, it quickly brings down the room temperature, providing instant relief from the heat. The air conditioner is equipped with multiple cooling modes and fan speeds, allowing users to customize their cooling experience according to their preferences and requirements.


  1. Are Gree Inverter Air Conditioners suitable for large spaces?
  • Yes, Gree Inverter Air Conditioners are available in various capacities suitable for different room sizes. Consult the product specifications or contact a professional to determine the right model for your space.
  1. Do Gree Inverter Air Conditioners require professional installation?
  • It is recommended to have Gree Inverter Air Conditioners professionally installed to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Professional technicians have the expertise to handle the installation process effectively.
  1. Can I control Gree Inverter Air Conditioners remotely?
  • Yes, many Gree Inverter Air Conditioners offer smart control options, including Wi-Fi connectivity. With compatible mobile apps, you can control your air conditioner from anywhere using your smartphone.
  1. Are Gree Inverter Air Conditioners energy-efficient?
  • Yes, Gree Inverter Air Conditioners are known for their energy efficiency. The variable-speed compressor adjusts its speed according to cooling requirements, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to traditional air conditioners.
  1. How often should I clean the filters of my Gree Inverter Air Conditioner?
  • It is recommended to clean or replace the filters of your Gree Inverter Air Conditioner every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on usage. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and clean indoor air quality.
Gree Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan 2024 Price Capacity
GREE AIR CONDITIONERS 1.5 Ton GS-18FITH5WB ₨ 139,900 18000 BTU
GREE AIR CONDITIONERS GF-36TFIH Inverter H&C ₨ 335,000 36000 BTU
GREE AIR CONDITIONERS GF-48TF Fixed Speed ₨ 428,000 48000 BTU
GREE AIR CONDITIONERS GF-48TFIH Inverter H&C ₨ 505,000 48000 BTU
GREE AIR CONDITIONERS 1.5 Ton GS-18FITH2W ₨ 157,900 18000 BTU